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D’Latinos Magazine is a family-oriented lifestyle publication created to¬†inform and entertain, inspire and empower the latino who seeks the american Dream, focusing on stories and features that fuel the pursuit of success in the United States. Launched in 2003, D’Latinos Magazine is distributed monthly free of charge, delivering local and national articles, information and features of particular interest to Florida’s Hispanic reader.


The digital edition is EXACTLY the same as the print edition.





– 20.000 monthly issues

– 100.000 readership (5+ readers per copy)

– High quality and rich content

– 80+ full color pages

– Glossy paper

– Effective marketing tool for advertisers

– With 11 years on the market, D’Latinos Magazine is distributed monthly free of charge throughout Southwest Florida, bringing local and national information, entertainment and general topics of particular interest to Hispaninc home, businesses and organizations.

– The feedback we receive from our advertisers confirms that D’Latinos Magazine is the right vehicle to reach and captive the Soutwest Florida Hispanic consumer.