Media Platforms

Media Vista core service is to help our clients grow their sales by reaching the Hispanic consumer effectively.  Media Vista’s strength begins with its media properties.  We own and operate the leading Spanish television station in each of our three markets – Ft. Myers-Naples, Minneapolis and Kansas City.  We publish the leading Spanish lifestyle magazine in Southwest Florida.  We administer, attracting over 30,000 unique visitors monthly.  We execute digital and mobile promotions that build brand and generate sales and leads for our clients.


Through the strategic use of each Media Vista platform, we build synergy for our clients, energizing their advertising campaigns and marketing efforts to generate sales growth.


Advertising, Marketing and Production

Drawing from a deep and experienced talent pool of media, production and advertising professionals, Media Vista works hand-in-hand with our clients to develop culturally appropriate creative concepts that persuade the Hispanic consumer.


Creative Development

At Media Vista we transcreate general market advertising concepts so that Spanish and English campaigns work in tandem, making each more effective.


Advertising Production

Media Vista’s production personnel, television studios, equipment and facilities provide all the tools to produce commercial spots that work and look great.  Our graphic designers and artists create Print and Digital Ads that stand out, draw attention and, most importantly, generate results.


Television Program Production

In-studio or on-location, Media Vista has the track record to deliver quality long form television production on time and on budget.


Our team of professionals not only knows the U.S. Hispanic market intimately, we are part of it.  We live in the same neighborhoods.  We watch the same TV shows.  We listen to their radio stations.  We visit their websites.   We love their artists and personalities.  We follow their celebrities.  We enjoy the same music and dishes.  We drive the same cars.  We share the same space.  We breathe the same air.

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